Weave In-Weave out: Guide to Afro Caribbean hair extensions

If you are a part of the Afro Caribbean hair community, you are probably well acquainted with hair extensions and weave ins but there are a few common mistakes that some girls make when it comes to getting these done so here is a little guide from Janson Beauty to help you take your hair extensions to the next level.

As great as hair extensions look, the braiding that is done underneath with your hair can actually be extremely damaging if not done properly, which is why our first and most important tip is that it is vital that you take good care of your natural hair. With the weave covering your natural hair, it is starved of moisture and can very quickly become weak and brittle so we suggest investing in leave in moisturisers that allow your hair to retain moisture for longer. As one of the UK’s leading Afro hair product wholesalers, we have a multitude of products that cater to all your hair needs. Whether you have fine or coarse hair, we guarantee that you’ll find everything you need all under one roof. Give the Shea Moisture Virgin Coconut oil Leave in Conditioner a go to give your hair a moisture boost.

Choosing the right hair extensions can make your hair look leaps and bounds better whilst also being cost effective. 100% virgin human hair costs a little more than synthetic or blends, but over time it is worth the extra bucks as synthetic extensions don’t last as long and are limited in their use with heat styling. With human hair extensions, you’d treat them like you would your own hair, shampooing and conditioning them, styling, colouring and basically just taking care of them as if you grew the hair yourself. We’re not shunning synthetic hair, as they are a good cheaper alternative and if used correctly, can look good, but our recommendation would be to spend a little more to look a lot better. Amongst our range of over 7000 Afro hair and cosmetic products, we recently introduced our Aliza platinum and ceramic hair Straighteners and Aliza blow-dryers that work unbelievably well with our variety of Brazilian hair extensions so when browsing the Janson Beauty website for your desired hair extensions make sure to have a look at our heat styling tools.

Stay away from bonded weaves! Some misinformed women out there think that getting their weave bonded to their scalp is better than getting it sewn it. It really isn’t, in fact, it is incredibly bad for your scalp as the glue prevents your natural hair from breathing, which can cause breakage from the root as well as prolonged damage to your hair follicle. Getting your hair extensions sewn in can time consuming but in general, it is better for your natural hair as it allows it to breath and you are still able to apply hair oils and moisturisers to it to prevent any damage. In the Afro Caribbean Hair product wholesale business, we still sell bonding glues for those who wish to go down that route regardless, but Janson Beauty believes in giving our customers the best advice hence why we recommend steering clear of weave bonding.

Letting your scalp and hair breathe after 4-6 weeks is an essential part of caring for your natural hair. While wearing weave obviously your hair is tightly braided and isn’t washed thoroughly underneath. This can lead to unsanitary conditions, which can ultimately cause hair loss. Therefore, taking your hair extensions out for a few days after 4-6 weeks of wearing them will allow you to clean and deep condition your hair ready for a changeup.

Janson Beauty is also a huge supporter of completely natural Afro hair as it is a symbol of defiance and confidence, which is why we offer a huge range of Afro Caribbean hair products that are designed to empower your natural hair. We strive to be the best Afro Hair and Cosmetic Product Wholesalers in the UK but our main priority is YOU. Get in touch with us through our website or explore our range of products.

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