Janson Beauty’s Tips for Beautiful Black Skin and Natural Hair

As you ought to know by now, Janson Beauty is always here to help promote diversity in the cosmetics industry and bring new, exciting beauty products into the Afro-Caribbean community. After all, beauty isn’t just for one hair type, skin type, look, style or age – it’s for everyone! But not only do we bring […]

Janson Beauty and the Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE 2018

Since 1981, Janson Beauty has been one of the leading figures for Afro-Caribbean cosmetics and beauty, providing you with cutting-edge technology and products while celebrating and embracing diverse beauty. Based right here in the UK, Janson Wholesale stocks over 7,000 lines from 100+ brands for salon owners, barbers and private customers, building our place in […]

New to Janson: The Aliza Hair Straightener

Janson Beauty is always striving to bring you the newest and finest for the Afro-Caribbean cosmetics and beauty wholesale industry. For both salon owners, barbers and individual customers we have a wide range of options for all hair types at fantastic prices. Since our successful release of the Aliza Hair Dryer 2000 and 4000 Ionics, […]

Introducing Aliza: A new range of Hair dryers and Straighteners

Aliza Hair Dryers

Janson Beauty is always here to bring you the absolute cutting edge technology on offer for the Afro-Caribbean cosmetics industry and beauty wholesale in the UK. We’re proud to be one of the leading figures for afro cosmetics and beauty since 1981, stocking over 7, 000 lines from over 100 different brands to give salon […]