The Best Hair Straighteners of 2021

The days of having to fry your hair to a crisp to get it straight are long gone. Luckily, now many of the best hair straighteners on the market can help smooth all types of hair in seconds, whilst also protecting the hair strands and locking in the vital moisture to help it stay in tip top condition. When shopping for straighteners for afro hair we recommend choosing one with either ceramic or titanium plates as these can help to prevent damage. With so many straighteners on the market it can be hard to choose so we’ve chosen our top picks for the best hair straighteners of 2021, read on for your best hair year yet.

Aliza Professional Straightening Comb

Aliza are pioneers in the afro-cosmetic industry world and have developed a range of products specially for people with Afro hair, giving everyone the option to wear their hair straight without the permanence of relaxers or other chemically based hair smoothing systems.
The fantastic Aliza Ceramic Straightening comb has been carefully designed to protect and nourish the hair as it straightens. With up to 30 different heat settings, smooth ceramic plates and an ultra-lightweight design, this straightener is a great choice for a range of hair types and is easy to use at home, so your hair can look great effortlessly and feel healthier than ever before.

Aliza Titanium Professional Straightener

Great for thicker or coarser hair the Aliza Titanium Professional Straightener is highly effective for those who struggle with traditional straighteners. The titanium plates retain more heat and give longer lasting sleek smooth hair with great shine. With 15 different heat settings, it still has the same versatility as the Aliza Ceramic Straightener and the same carefully designed technology that will help protect your hair from heat damage while giving exceptional results for thick hair.

Aphrodite Ceramic Straightener (Ultra Hot) New

If shine is what you’re after. The Aphrodite Ultra Hot Hair Straightener with advanced ceramic plates is the one you’re looking for. These impressive straighteners help rejuvenate and add instant shine to dull and lifeless hair. With easily adjusted temperature controls allowing for easy styling the ceramic plates help condition as they straighten. Also, one of the safest straighteners on the market they turn off if left unattended for 30 minutes which is great news for those who are always worrying whether they left them on or not! Their Universal voltage is also great for frequent travellers as they’ll work wherever you go.

Wahl Afro Hair Straightener

If you have long hair The Wahl Afro hair straightener will be your new favourite styling tool. The ceramic plates heat up to the correct temperature quickly and are great for helping to maintains a constant heat which is even more important when you’re straightening long hair as it helps to keep the temperature throughout the length of your hair from root to tip. With variable heat temperature and ceramic coated plates, it helps create a sleek and smooth finish fast.

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