Afro Cosmetic Business – How to Approach Distributors

Afro Cosmetic Business – How to Prepare for and Approach Distributors

There are a lot of afro cosmetics wholesalers online, but how do you get your products on their shelves? How do you approach distributors, and how do you build a good relationship? We are here to help and have some tips on approaching distributors.

Making initial contact

You should look online to find an afro cosmetics wholesaler you would like to work with. Once you do, you can make initial contact by email. Try to include as much information as possible, so make sure you include who you are, what company you are with, why you’re emailing, and that you would like to meet to discuss business. That way they get a little knowledge about what you are offering, they won’t see it as spam, and it looks professional. 

Get a meeting in person

It is important to meet your distributor in person. You need to build a good relationship with them because they are going to sell your products to other businesses and consumers, so to reach those markets you have to put in the work. The best way to do this is by setting up a meeting in person. This way you can put a face with the brand you are trying to sell, and by making an effort you show that you value this potential partnership. You can also negotiate better deals. 

Think about marketing 

You want your distributor to know that you are serious and passionate about the product, and a way that you can show that is by thinking about marketing. Who is your audience, and how do you want the product promoted? This creates a partnership and shows that you know your audience and product.

Be ready for cash questions

The distributor will want to know how much they can make, etc. It doesn’t matter if you have the answers to other questions if you can’t make working with you sound like a good deal.

Know your product and your brand

To make your deal sound the best, you need to know your product inside out and discuss why you think there is demand for it. Once you wow them with this knowledge, they are likely to come to a deal if there is customer demand and if they can make money. Make sure you create a great offer they can’t refuse. If you know that you have an excellent hair product perfect for afro hair for example then you need to show why it is great and why people need it and will want it. You should also know the distributor’s brand, so if you know they like certain hair products or skincare, appeal to that. 

Attend events they are present at or sponsor

If you know that the afro cosmetics wholesaler you want to use is attending an event, then you should try to attend. At these events, you can network, make initial contact and show the distributor that you support them. Don’t be overbearing, just talk, network, and build relationships.

Those are our tips on approaching and making the first initial contact with an afro cosmetics wholesaler. You can be ready for any questions they have and make the best first impression. 


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